Tuesday, May 7, 2013

LOCAL GOLF - Sunday Morning Golf Course Review

Course: Valleaire

Location:  Boston Road off Ridge in Hinckley

Directions:   Easy access of of Rt. 82, Rt. 303.  Close to Medina, 20 minutes or so from Akron

Dewsweepers Tee Time Was:  7AM

This week The Dewsweepers  went out to a nice place to play in Medina County, Valleaire which is at the end of Boston Road in Hinckley.

We have played Valleaire a few times before, and it is always in good shape and is pretty darn good golf.  They are in good shape for early in the season with their front 9 rolling terrain, and a more flat back 9.   We found the greens quick for this time of year. We also found that for some reason the greens seemed faster on the back 9 overall.

Valleaire is of decent length as a golf course, and overall is a very comfortable place to play.  This is a course that is driver friendly off most tees, with it closing in a bit on the back where it is more of a thinking mans course.   I always feel this is a course that has some murderous par 4's, so scoring on the 5's and 3's is really important.

Being fair, there was not a lot of good scoring on this round  for any of us, except Beef who really played well posting a very solid 83.  Not bad at all for this course.  Beef kept the ball in front of him for the most part, but really saved himself on the greens.  Beef made a bunch of  8-10 footers to either save par,or bogey for the most part, and even drained a real nice birdie putt on number 8 and skinny par 5 up hill. Well done

Tex showed up with new TaylorMade white headed driver finally joining the "white headed drivers club"  (we've been waiting)  But just as Joe Red is adjusting to his new driver, Tex was too.  In fact, Tex took off the plastic and literally hit it for the first time on number one.  But you you can see that both are going to benefit mightily when the adjustment is complete. Tex was elevating this driver nicely as that has been one of his bug-a -boo's  off the tee.   Joe Red too, always a long hitter, will be even longer with his new weapon. But as you know as a one or two time a week player, this takes time. It's not like the pro's who hit a 1,000 balls a day and play 18, where the adjustment is very fast. 

I didn't complete my round, as I had a work obligation, I had to call it quits halfway through the back 9.  Good thing, I wasn't playing well on the back, after a so-so front.  I had back-to-back birdies on 8 and 9, that saved me and shot a 42 on the front, with 3 doubles.  Very inconsistent.  On the back had a clouded mind, and a focusing problem, and did not play well around the greens or putt well. I drove the ball very well all day, but had nothing to show for it.  We handicapped me out for a  48 on the back.

Course highlights?  This course boasts really tough par 4's.  Including number 2, 430 yards to an elevated green.  Number 4 hard uphill 335 yards, number 6 very tight drive 340 yards to a protected green.  Number 10, brutally long par 4 uphill, 420 yards high elevated green, and 18, a tough driving 375, with a creek at the landing area.   The par 5's are where you can make your move as most are scorable. But number 3, is very long, but still a scoring hole.  And the signature number 9, 150 yard par 3 off a high hill, over water all the way to a green 40 foot below.  Great hole.

Overall Valleaire is a fun course with a bit of everything. Quaint clubhouse, nice service and and rates that are fair. 


Beef  -  83
Wynn  -  90
Joe Red  -  94
Tex  -  107

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