Monday, September 9, 2019

week 20


There is just something about the Wayne County Fair going on this week, that is simply special.  It's not the biggest county fair, or the fanciest, but there is a great feeling about the fair that is incredible.

The people that run the fair are so nice, and the patrons that pack the grandstand for various shows, concerts, races,  and pulls are having the time of their lives.  The county comes together and supports each other wonderfully.

There is just a great feeling when you are there.  I am always proud to emcee the shows there, an d see all the wonderful people Wayne County.


This picture made me happy.  In the 1990's, Colin Raye, Sammy Kershaw, and Aaron Tippin were consistent hit makers in Country Music.  I played every one of their songs on various radio station morning shows in the country.  They all had a great run.

Well, this biz changes as all do, and there is the inevitable changing of the guard in music, and slowly they all came off the charts.  But as they all sang together and separately at the Wayne County Fair this week, they took people back to a time not so long ago, that made a packed house happy. Their happiness made everyone happy.

Great to see old friends, still friends and making the music they did, together.  Well done! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

week #19

This picture is not what you may think.

This is NOT a huge Country, or Rock Concert at Blossom.  This is a pic from last weekends Cleveland Orchestra Concert where the played the soundtrack to Star Wars:The Empire Strikes Back.

I go to Blossom for all kinds of shows, including emceeing the Country shows there, and this concert was as big as any crowd I have seen at Blossom this year.  It was huge!

Fun thing to do, and very affordable. Keep the Orchestra in mind for next season.  It's Blossom the was it was, and that in itself is worth the visit.  A picnic, a show and a great time on the lawn.


Tons of listeners drive, or own a tractor.  When I was at the Canfield far this past weekend with Windy, we walked through the tractor display.  Very cool.

A tractor then and now are essentially the same - but different.  It's a big, heavy engine on wheels with a seat and big wheels.   In the 1930's and 40's like many of these were, they didn't have Am/FM Radios, AC, DVD, heat, incredibly comfy seats, and TV.

But they were and are beautiful!  Such classics, always fun to look back and see how things were.


It:Chapter Two

This week, is a slow one as far as new movies are concerned, but It is going to be a huge hit.  The second installment of this story will be big, and so will the amount of time you'll be at the theater, as this is almost three hours.

I liked the first part of this story a couple years ago, and I am hoping this is just as good.

Monday, August 26, 2019

week 18


It's not often we get to treat ourselves to a truly great meal that you, for the most part, you can't make at home.

We went to the amazing Mallorca in Cleveland over the weekend to have some paella and sangria.  If you don't know, and I didn't till recently, paella is the picture above.  It is saffron rice, with shrimp, scallops, sausage, peas, chicken, and a half lobster.  It is simply incredible. And their sangria is the perfect compliment to their amazing and authentic Spanish food.

This place is a treat in every way.  Downtown, easy to get in and out of, and very quaint. This is not a place for a bunch of high rollers. Great food, reasonably priced, considering you are dining in a multiple award winning restaurant. 

The owner Laurie and her very friendly staff make this a great choice for a really fun and special night out.   Treat yourself some time.  We did!


I drive past this place in Peninsula a few times a week, and in total disclosure, I have never been inside.  BUT, I love this sign.

I love old signs like this.  This lit up sign in itself can take me back to an era around long before I was. You don't see these much anymore, and that's a shame.  I pass this sometimes very early in the morning, and I look to see if it's turned on every time.

I like this sign about as much as I like one like this that simply says "Eat" once in a while.  I know this sign is old, and probably takes a lot to keep it going, but I hope they keep it - forever!

(I need to go inside this place sometime) 


Luke Combs!

What is going on with him is simply incredible.  Every song he puts out seems to be bigger than the last.

This week we debuted his new single "Even Though I'm Leaving" and the text  and phone lines lit up with emotional words.  This song really resonates with everyone.  Amazing how Luke Combs simply continues to record the best songs in Nashville right now.

Been a long while since we've seen a new star dominate in this way.  Well done!


One major release this weekend

Don't Let Go

Another thriller this week, that is expected to give you a jolt or two.  Very interesting how holiday weekends haven changed over the years.

At one time a huge time to release movies, now almost none.  People and their habits have changed. September is shaping up as being a much better month of new movies, after the holiday weekend.

But some others flicks to check out


Ready Or Not

Blinded By The Light

Monday, August 19, 2019

Week #17


For the first time in a long time, I was lucky enough to go to the Cleveland Natural History Museum.  I was there for wonderful dinner occasion, and it was sensational.

Cool place, and the food was great.  Plus, how often do you get to eat dinner with a Tyrannosaurus Rex?   And we got to see Balto!  The REAL Balto, although stuffed, but the one of the most famous dogs called and calls Cleveland home.

 As we walked around I was reminded how cool that entire place is.  In fact, that entire area has been so revitalized it really needs to be seen.

That whole University Circle area is wonderful, and it's not far from Little Italy - Yum!

This fall head on up there. Lots to do. Fun!


I have always said that no one tells the truth about flossing their teeth when the dentist asks.  You always say yes, they know you're lying, and they dig out the tarter and plaque.

Flossing also tastes like you're at dentist and no one likes that.  If you're a dentist, or hygienist sorry, but no one wants to be there.  It's not you, it's the act.  Flossing stinks, it's no fun, and it's time consuming, so here's the next million dollar idea

Now, if I could floss my teeth with bacon I would, if it would hold together.  But sadly it won't.  Bacon flavored floss.  I'm flossing every day, twice a day -  and at the breakfast table when I'm eating a fat omelette!

Solves many problems.  Flossing, the taste, the lying and better dental hygiene.   Perfect!!


Tuesday was National Radio Day.  I have been doing this for 38 years, and this seems like a good time to pull the curtain back on this profession a bit.  Many people ask me what I call my job.  I don't like DJ, or Disc Jockey.  That is a very different and great skill set, that I don't have, that is very different than what I do. 

There are other names, but Morning Personality, or Morning Show Host is better.  But what I really am is a Storyteller.  I hopefully tell one every time I open the mic.  Some are not as compelling as others.  Some things must be said.  But in the content we do on Scott And Sarah to hopefully entertain, we tell stories.  Putting a person (you) in a place (here) , at a time (now), for a good reason.  Once I learned that as a young broadcaster, after a few years of not knowing that, things fell into place.

I learned this from a legendary morning guy named Dick Zipf (Ziff).  When I was 23 doing mornings at WRMZ in Columbus, he was on our AM station WMNI.  He taught me to story tell.  And he also introduced me something I am equally and forever thankful for.  That there are different and more colorful ways to say the ordinary.  Using different and inventive phrases and words.  And finding the angle that no one else will in everything you say on air.  Those two things have served me well.  And I am eternally thankful to him.

Years later one of my bosses, Nick Anthony, here at WQMX  reminded me through our continued friendship, that storytelling is compelling, as he is a great story teller.  And he also is a great example of using words to start a story or conversation and not end one. Constant and definite facts that are spoken at someone, is not inviting.  Questions requested and answered with someone is, as the story can go on with an equal exchange of views.  The only way to learn anything is to listen, and the most compelling conversations spawn from asking questions, and listening to the answer.  Nick always reminds me of this in our talks. I am grateful again.

The Beautiful Windy laughs with me for always asking questions in our personal life. But each one asked and answered helps me tell a new story somewhere up the road.

More tomorrow as I want to mention some other great people from this wonderful business - Radio.


With National Radio Day this week, we have been chatting about the essence of the biz.  I refer to what I do as storytelling, and it is.  But few are born natural storytellers, and for those who are granted the gift of gab, there are always those who help you propel you to another level.

Again, when I was a young broadcaster in Columbus in the early and mid-eighties, I ran across some very important people in my career.  Everything happens fast when your young, and as I look back there was a lot to absorb.  I had a Program Director named Rob Ryan.  He worked with me daily and prodded me to story tell more confidently, and to hold conversations with the listeners on the phone. He taught me to listen to their story first, respect it, and then meld it with mine.  Phone skills for radio - gold! Priceless counseling.

And my great friend of 36 years in this biz, Vic Scott (aka Smokey Rivers now).  He taught me that while story telling, its OK to have a definite take on a subject during a conversation.  But to make sure to be quick to listen and slow to speak is a good thing.  He also showed me how to make a strong point, but not to alienate those who may differ at that moment. That learning how to disagree is vital to telling a story sometimes.  Great lesson.  Great pro, great friend.

I am learning along the way the art of storytelling goes hand in hand with listening to others stories first to be the most effective.  Tomorrow I will share a few more quick stories and thank others.


Angel Has Fallen

This series rolls on, for whatever reason. But here we go again.  Our favorite Secret Service agent played by Girard Butler is again trying to protect the President!  But this time, he's the one in trouble. Buy why?   Guess we have go and see.

They can stop making these anytime now.  This series is simply not good.

My Spy

This comedy seems to have a formula that will work with families if done well.  A little kid hanging out with a Secret Agent.  The opposite formula, it's been around for years and can still work if handled right.

This could go either way. Very fun, or very not.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

week 16

I am someone that likes all kinds of music.  Yes, I have made a living on Country Radio, but most of the people in my industry, we like a many different styles.   Last week, I went to the Doobie Brothers concert at Blossom and I  was reminded on one of my favorite songs of all time!  China Grove - By the Doobies.

I call that song, and others like it a "Drive Around The Block Song."  Meaning, if it comes on the radio and I am almost home, I drive around the block to hear it.   It may have the greatest guitar riff ever, and I think its a great example of American Rock music. Powerful, to the point, driven, honest, and almost infectious.

I have other "Drive Around The Block Songs"  too..

Startin' With Me  - Jake Owen
Up Down  - Morgan Wallen
After The Lovin' - Englebert Humperdink
Baker Street  - Gerry Rafferty
Small Town USA -  Justin Moore
Still Doin' Time  - George Jones

And the list goes on and is probably too long to list.



Last week when the Browns played their first preseason game, my favorite moment was when  Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi, a guy that walked on to the Browns camp uninvited ran a punt back for a TD.  What a terrific underdog story. The entire Browns team ran after him and mobbed him with excitement.  That shows me the team is on the right track.  Football can be unique that way.

I saw, and believe still, that in life and business, you play for the guys next to you, and hopefully you are around people of the same ilk.  If your skill set in life, and on the job is such that it elevates those around you, then you are in the right place, with the right people.  I have been lucky in much of my career to be around such.  And in my personal life off the job as well   -   now more than ever.  

That doesn't mean you put yourself in the backseat, to the contrary. A job and life is a team sport, and if your gifts make others around you better, than everyone wins.  It's just that simple.  Those who choose to not reflect that many times end up isolated and in the long run, not as successful as they think they are.  Life is a long journey, and it's better with team mates that like you, respect you and are glad you are around to raise them up, as they do you.


I've been around this radio stuff for a long time, worked in many places around the country and have been a part of a lot of good radio promotions.  But I have to say, that the WQMX Send Me Backstage T-shirts are about the best I've ever seen.

We have been doing this a long time, and it seems to get better and better.  It's great to see all the colors of all the years at all the concerts we do. And it's great too to see them all over social media.

You can wear it anytime.  In fact, taking pics of you in your shirt and posting them here would be really fun.

Long live the WQMX Send Me Backstage T-shirt!


Just in case you have never gone to this place, here's some information so you may.  Maria's Field of Hope in Avon is a fantastic place to see, visit, take pictures, and simply reflect.

Windy introduced me to the idea of going last year, as I had never heard of it.  It's in an area that I know well, and one she doesn't.  We made the trek together on a beautiful and special day and took pics, and just took it all in.

When you learn about it, and how it came to be, you are even more impressed.  Make it a part of a trip there and incorporate with another venture.  There is plenty of shopping nearby including Crocker Park, food too, and antiquing. You can't spend hours there, but one would be a very nice visit.


It's hard not to get caught up in what's going on with the Tribe right now. Erasing a 12 game defecit in he Major Leagues is pretty much unheard of, but they have done it.  

I know the Browns are the flavor of the month, but they don't play fore about a month, and being more than fair, have not won anything yet.  I understand fans are excited for the Browns, and should be.  But the Tribe is a three straight time divisional winner, and on verge of a fourth.  We will have our time to be all Brownie, but right now it's time to cheer on the Indians.

There seems to a a magic around the Tribe right now, and it's starting to look like they may be one of the real elite teams. Go to a game.  It's not as expensive as you may think, and you'll be part of something special -  and you can get tickets!

Go Tribe! 

Monday, August 5, 2019

week 15


This is a good week, as I am proud to introduce you Stephanie Bunch.  I will be endorsing her on WQMX, as I learned of her in my search to change my insurance on both my car, and my home.   I looked around a lot as I, like you, and sick of paying a ton of money on it.  No one likes buying, paying or shopping for insurance. And I am so glad I met Stephanie.

She is at John Karas Allstate Insurance in Tallmadge.  And when I told her what I was looking for, she did EVERYTHING.  She took care of the entire quote, switch and showed me a ton of ways to save money and have better coverage.  I was so impressed I told a bunch of friends who also called her and made the switch.  

It's nice to know there are people out there who are really good at their jobs, and take a ton of pride in it. That's her.  Sometimes things seem too good to be true in business, it's good to know that sometimes things really can be that easy.


Windy and I were lucky enough to go to the Jake Owen Concert at the Medina County Fair last week, and man am I glad we did that!   Blossom is great, and so are all of the amazing music venues we have around here.  But I was reminded that sometimes a good 'ole county fair concert can be just as fun.

Jake Owen I think is a singer who can sing both ends of the spectrum with the same passion.   Powerful ballads like Startin' With Me, and then the other end like, Down To the Honky Tonk.  He can do it all. This show was incredible, and no one walked out of there disappointed.  It was one of the better concerts I have seen anywhere in a long while.

So, with the Wayne County Fair in a couple weeks, don't forget the shows there. Scotty McCreery, and Randy Houser, plus the the Legends show with Colin Raye, Aaron Tippon and Sammy Kershaw.

Take in a GREAT County Fair show!  Thanks Jake for the reminder!


Went to the Enshrinement at the Pro Football Hall Of Fame last week, and I hope it's not my last time to do that.  WOW!  The changes at the Hall are amazing, and what is coming too is also incredible.  We were also very impressed with the new Tom Benson Stadium.  What a fantastic facility to have as well.

Of course we saw lots of cool things, and were there to experience the whole deal.  But I think what really hit me, and what I took with me, is the anticipation of the future of the Hall and all of the terrific new things coming to the Hall Of Fame Village.  I can't wait to go back soon, and see what else is new at the Hall.

Great things are coming. Go visit the Hall!


There are some new flicks out this weekend!  Let's take a look!

Dora And The Lost City Of Gold

Dora The Explorer love action time is here.  They have been promoting this movie in movie previews in theaters for many months, hoping for a large payday.  And they might get it.  The time is right for a new family flick to go to the top.

This will draw across the spectrum, as parents will want to take the kids, and see what this is all about.  This has been treated a bit skeptically by some national critics, but this will be a hit.

The Kitchen

The cast in this flick that will tell a story we have not seen before.  The wives of a bunch of mobsters continue business as usual after the husbands are sent to jail.

They turn out to be quite good at it too.  I always look forward to flicks that are original in their premise, and this seems to be one. 

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 

The time is right in the movie world for a good old scary summertime flick, and here it comes front and center.  

I feel this could be one of the big surprise hits of the summer


Monday, July 29, 2019

BLOG #14


I would like to thank the amazing people at Habitat For Humanity of Summit County and their incredible Home-In-One Golf Outing.   I have been the Honorary Chair for this outing for about 10 years, and it's an real honor for me.

I am a real believer in the mission that Habitat has, and the services they provide. This is something you should really take a few minutes and see how you can possibly benefit.

The home of this outing is the Hudson Country Club and they do a very nice job and make us all feel welcome.

See what Habitat can do for you!  Proud to be their voice!


When I was a kid, the ice cream truck came around, and I generally got a Popsicle.   Cheap, easy, and what my mom said I could get.  The "Bomb Pop Kids" were rollin' high with their red, white and blue deliciousness, and I was stuck with the one flavor wooden stick.

Then there were the "Two Stick Kids." They got the ones with two sticks, and although they generally were a sticky, red mess with the summer sun roasting their two sticks of sugar like marshmallows over the campfire.  And there I was with the single stick 'sicle and some childhood jealousy.

And last week, I had my first popsicle in about 30 years on a 90 degree day.  Guess what? Single stick, cherry.   And I was good with it, as much as things can  change, some stay the same.


This week there is one major release, and sadly for some it is not an original yet again.   We are clearly in the era of no new ideas, so I give you Shaw And Hobbs.  Two late added characters to the Fast And Furious franchise.  This stars The Rock and Jason Statham.

These two don't seem to care for each other, and now they bring their wise-cracking action movie vibe to the big screen this week.  Yes, this will find an following, and it is an alternative to the animated, Disney, and Superhero choices out there now, it just would be great to see something original at some point.