Thursday, July 31, 2014


Let's start off with this.  In movies there are great movies, good ones, average ones, bad ones, and then... there is Lucy.

This Sci-Fi action movie with the lovely Scarlett Johansson, and Morgan Freeman is the summers biggest disaster.   All I can say is thank goodness that the movie makers saw it appropriate to let this dog only run 1 hour and 28 minutes. Lucy is a good enough idea.  What would happen if humans could actually access all 100% of their brain power, as where we only access about 10% of it on average. Good question.  But after seeing this, and Lucy does, I still have no idea what would happen.

Lucy (Johansson) is a 25 year old who is living in the Far East, and finds herself tangled up with organized crime to no fault of her own.   She is kidnapped and has a bag of a synthetic drugs implanted in her abdomen.   She is told that she will be a mule and transport the illegal drug out of the country, and have it removed on the other end.   Problem is, Lucy's bag breaks inside her, and this drug starts to allow her to access regions of her brain previously unused.  And the problems begin.

She starts having all kinds of convulsions and other problems, and she gets real smart real fast. Why and how?  We don't know.  It just happens. And she starts to develop super-like powers.  Would that actually happen?  My guess is no.  But you can't make a movie about it, if she can't do special effects stuff.   This is simply stupid - period.

If you don't get Johansson to do this role, there is no movie.   This hauled in about 45 million week one. And I think most of it, if not all of it was Scarlett driven.  This is silly, poorly written, badly executed, and at times, actually looks like a modern day B- or C - movie. You know what's happening, but you really don't know why.  And It gives zero information and zero enlightenment.  It's just silly.   This was a good idea that just fell flat. 

I think there was great hope that Johansson would be really good, and look really hot for most of this by many. But neither is true. She recites incredibly boring dialogue with monotonous monotone.  All while being covered in blood most of the time.   This is not challenging to her, and she does very little with very little.  I love her in many smaller movies, but the large action flicks pay her bills. With her, as the movie is smaller her performances are bigger. 

Lucy.  This is horrible. This premise should really be interesting and make you think, but all it really does is -stink.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

LOCAL GOLF - Dewswepers Golf Course Review

Course:  Maplecrest

Location: Kent/Tallmadge/Brimfield area - Portage County

Directions: 219 Tallmadge Rd, Kent - Right off I-76  15 minutes from Akron 50 from Cleveland

Dewsweepers Tee Time Was: 645

Maplecrest Website

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Today we played Maplecrest.  We love this place!  Located in the hills and trees of Portage County, Maplecrest is a lot of great things about golf. This course was built in 1922, and has been aging perfectly ever since.  This is a great mix of hills, rolling terrain, sand, a little water, and tons and tons of tree lines fairways. This is not a long golf course, but this is a great example that courses do not have to be monstrously long to be tough.  Here, you better plan to hit it straight.

Maplecrest is in wonderful shape as some of the improvements they were making last year are finished. The greens were very nice today.  I would not call them lightning quick today as we had some rain the night before, but they were true and smooth and that's what we like - and you too.  Maplecrest is only about 6,400 yards, but don't let that lull you to sleep. The short par 4's, are supplemented by some really long par 3's, and some par 5's that are 500 yards of tree lines on both sides.  Hitting is straight is a must.

This course also has the right idea about water, as this is designed amazingly well.  There are not a ton of water hazards here, but they are strategically placed  and that makes you think about what club to hit, especially off the tee.  This is not a "pull out the driver on every hole and wail away course." If you do, you better be very accurate as there are literally hundreds of thousands of trees out there to gobble it up.  We went with irons, and hybrids off many of the short 4's to keep it in play, and had some success.  You can pick your places with the driver.  If you keep the ball in front of you, you can play well here.  If not, you will be punching out all day.

Maplecrest also has the right idea on sand traps. Now today, some of them were very wet because of last nights rain but the traps that they have make sense.  They are in carefully thought out areas, that protect the greens that need protecting.  The design of this old course is simply terrific.  This is a fun course to play, and because of it's length virtually anyone can play it.  This is a very simply facility, with very friendly people, and very kind service.  And don't forget Shilo, the wonderful old clubhouse dog that is a staple here.   They also have a huge driving range.

Course highlights?  #1 500 yard par 5 tree lined both sides all the way, creek at the 25 yard landing area.  #3, 215 yard par 3, to an elevated green.  #5, 265 yard driveable par 4, protected heavily by sand.  #8 240 yard par 3!!  #10, great doggy left par 5, #14 400 yard par 4, tree lined to a tough green. #18, 500 yard par 5 tree lined, and a heavily slanted green left to right.

We had two tee times as we had the regular Dewsweepers and the Next Generation Dewsweepers in tow today, so we won't go through the indiviadual rounds, but will post scores at the end.  In addition to Me, Beef, Joe Red and Tex, we had Bryan (Red's Son) and Brendan (Beef's nephew) This is a great place to play, and is quickly becoming one of our favorite stops on the Dewsweeper Tour.

Maplecrest is a well kept secret, and is one of the most fun courses we play all season long. This is just really nice public golf.  Fantastic place.


Bryan  -  79
Wynn  -  83
Beef  -  87
Brendan  -  87
Joe Red  -  94
Tex  -  101

Next week we tee it up at Valleaire in Medina County!  They were hit by a tornado a month or so ago, but they are cleaned up and running!

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DVD - New Streaming and DVD July 29

This week two very big movie are available to you for home use.  One is a big action epic that stirred a bit of controversy. The other, an adult comedy that had a ton of hype, and some good success.

We only feature major motion pictures here, and not straight to DVD, or TV series making their way to your DVD store.  I will link you back to my original review of the movie from it's theater run so you can make an informed decision before you invest your time and money on any of them.

New This Week


Russel Crowe stars as the Biblical Noah. This is a big action movie, that stirred up a big hornets nest as it doesn't follow the original story word for word.  Director defends it by stating it's his interpretation. This is a big movie. Could look great on your big screen.

The Other Woman

Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Upton star in this man bashing comedy.  Mann is a funny woman for sure, and Diaz and Upton give support to her comedy.  This has it's moments.


Here comes the second attempt to get us interested in the legendary Hercules. This one pulls out The Rock, and a bigger budget to make a larger splash than the flop a year or so ago.

This very tidy 90 minute movie shows the iconic Hercules as a half man, half God mercenary, being hired to fight wars for gold with his troupe of very loyal fellow fighters.  Our story takes place about 350 B.C., and the fight for control of Ancient Greece is on.  Hercules with his legendary strength and reputation is hired by one king in Greece in hopes of preserving his kingdom as he feels threatened by another. But is that the real truth? Or is Hercules being played?  That in a nutshell is our movie.

Pretty basic stuff.  That's about as deep as our story goes.  What this is, is countless, long and identical battle scenes.  Oh, there's some story, and some dialogue mixed in, but it's all fill till we start up another hand to hand battle with waring factions.  

The Rock runs around for 90 minutes in a skirt, and sometimes with shirt on, sometime not.  They try to develop characters, but it's all been seen before, and is predictable.  Oh yeah, there is a female hero as part of Hercules' gang.  She is young, long, beautiful and somehow performs amazing archery, and martial arts moves righting off hundreds of bloodthirsty warriors with almost no clothes on, without getting a scratch or dirty.  And she has a British or something close to it accent.

To it's credit, it's short, and to the point.  Could be as they were editing this together they realized there was really nothing to this, and they had nothing more to say, so let's go home. Good decision.   This does have a great musical soundtrack that I did enjoy most of the movie.  The fight scenes are violent, but not graphic for the most part.  Yes, there is tons of killing, but not much of it is horribly bloody or fatiguing.  It is available to you in regular screen, or 3D, that's the format I saw.  It was average at best, and probably not worth the up charge.

Hercules.  Big budget, but little to really show for it. Average at best.  And it would appear that there is little interest in this story, as this is the second attempt and each has fallen relatively flat.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

LOCAL GOLF - Dewsweepers Golf Course Review - Cossett Creek

Course: Cossett Creek (Formerly Brunswick Hills)

Location: On Rt. 303, just west of Rt. 42 -  Brunswick -  Medina County

Directions:  Easy access from I-71, about 4 miles west - 20 minutes from Akron/Cleveland

Dewsweeper Tee Time Was: 618 AM

Cossett Creek Website

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It has been a while since we played this golf course. So long, we didn't realize that it had a new full owner and a new name till we called for a tee time.  Brunswick Hills, is now called Cossett Creek.  This is a great example of a golf course that is the story of two amazingly different 9's.   They could not be more different, and that is the draw for Cossett Creek.  They are as different as the 9's are at Brandywine in Peninsula.

CC is in the state of transition, and you can tell that from the first hole.  This is not a long course, and the front is not overly difficult. But the back is very tough and you better make your scoring hay on the front.  This is a course that is making a ton of changes and you can see that the new full owner has a nice vision of this course elevating itself to the next level.  There is some work going on there, but it is not in play at all.  They have taken the first step that you should in reclaiming a golf course, they have their greens in great shape.  The greens looked great, rolled well and held shots very well, and golfers appreciate all of the above.

Some of the old sand traps are being phased out, and many of the tee boxes are being worked on which is the next step to take.  I would imagine some tree removal and thinning is on  the way. The fairways were nice overall and well kept.  The rough is still a work in progress, but you can tell better things are on the way.  This has always been a modest facility, with a serviceable clubhouse, good food and good service.  Plus, they understand the course is in transition, and the rate for Sunday morning with cart, mid-summer, was very fair.

Joe Red was off this week on vacation, so his son Bryan filled in.  Bryan's game has really elevated over the past couple of years, and he's playing to a nice handicap these days.  Bryan shot an 86 today, with 43/43.  The back 43 is far more impressive.  You have to score on the front to post a nice number here. It is more open, flat, and overall just easier.  But a nice birdie on 18 is the one that brings you back, and he hung in there all morning long.

Tex is hitting the ball better these days, but that darn Cossett Creek got in his way a few times, and Tex uncharacteristically had a tough day with his short game and putting, usually his staple. Tex fired 46/48 for 94 on the day, but should have been better if not for short game woes.

Beef's 84 sounds that he played fairly well, but it wasn't the story of his round.  Beef had 7, 1 putts and hit the ball very well. But a 9 on number 15, par 5 derailed his scoring.  That hole can do that, as it is extremely difficult.  Beef went 40 on the front and 44 on the back with that huge 9.  He played better than the 84.  Next time he will. 

I got off to a nice start, and did what I wanted to, by posting a nice 39 on the front with a birdie on 9.  Then a 42 on the back as tight driving holes gave me fits a few times, and a 3 putt on the brutal #12 hurt too. But I 1 putted 7 times, including the final four holes to shoot 81 on the day. I was happy with that.

Course highlights?  On the front, # 3, a 330 yard par 4, to a heavily sloped green.  Number 7, a nice par 4, with a great elevated approach shot up the hill over water.  The back #12, BRUTAL par 4 that has no easy shot on it at all - 380 yard par 4, blind tee shot, down hill approach over Cossett Creek, to a sloped sausage shaped green with bunkers!  # 14, tough driving par 4 uphill, over the creek. # 15, long, tight par 5, creek all the way right, forest to the left.  Very hard. #16, tough, long par 4 sloped fairway, tough driving hole.  The 5 holes in the middle of the back nine are all very tough and can destroy your round. So play patiently and smart.   12 through 16.  What a stretch!

This is a course that you can feel is a couple years away from being very nice and refurbished.   Reinventing a golf course is long process, but you can tell a plan is in order, and really nice days are on the way at Cossett Creek.  Other courses have done it, Brookledge, Springvale, and Copper Top At Cherokee Hills have all made great comebacks.  In the meantime, enjoy the nice greens, and the nice rates, at a course that winds you through the trees  and creeks, and is enjoyable to play.  New players play the front. Experienced, play all 18.


Wynn  -  81
Beef  -  84
Bryan  -  86
Tex  -  94

Next week, The Dewsweepers tee it up at the wonderful Maplecrest in Kent.

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DVD - What's New on Streaming and DVD - July 23

This week there are finally some movies that you may remember from a few months ago available for you to rent, buy or stream.   There are movies for the adults, and the family alike.

Keep in mind, we only feature new releases that were major motion pictures that had a theater run.  Where applicable, I will link you back to my original review to help you make an informed decision before you hit buy, on your remote.

This Weeks Releases

The Single Moms Club -

Big cast and tons of characters in this comedy of sorts, that is also rooted in truth.  This was another Tyler Perry movie that brought in a bunch of money.

Transcendence -

Johnny Depp stars in this computer movie, about how we can maybe keep a persons spirit alive in a hard drive, after the body has died.  Yawn...

Heaven Is For Real -

This movie, based on a big bestselling book of the same name. Story of a little boy who supposedly went to heaven after a near death experience.  Good for virtually everyone, and was a big hit.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MOVIE REVIEW - The Purge:Anarchy

A year or two ago the original, The Purge kind of came out of nowhere and had some good success.  This is the second installment of this series.   But this is more like a movement, than an installment.

The Purge was a movie set in near the future in the United States, where a new regime has come into power called the New Founding Fathers of America.  They have instituted a new policy called , the purge.  For one 12 hour period a year, all crime in the U.S. is legal, including murder. The whole idea is that people will weed out the poor, and let the rich or non-poor to flourish.  Crime is down, and so is the unemployment rate.  The original takes place on purge night, and showcases a family trying to survive the night of terror. And has an interesting story line.

The original was a nice mix of violence, parody, satire, and a look at a new original idea that was based in unabashed fiction. It made some social commentary of the anger that possibly can rage within, and made you question possibly, would you participate in the purge?  It was clearly fiction, and clearly a small movie, that found a big audience.  This installment, is none of those things. Now it's just violent, ugly, and divisive.

This movie chooses to showcase only violence, and forgets any real semblance of a story. Oh, they try, but it's stupid, and predictable.  This is making far more social statements and some of them are quite disturbing.   Here, the Feds are now killing people, because we are not killing enough.  Also, this is immensely stereotypical in who is bad, and who is good.  This really takes on the rich, and clearly spends more time being cruel than creative.

It's offensive to virtually everyone if you watch anywhere near carefully, and is intelligence insulting to almost anyone.  Gone is the creativity, and the irony of the original. Clearly test groups wanted less story and dialogue and more killing and violence, and you get it. Much of this feels like a video game and is mind melting.  Except, most video games are far, far more compelling.

The Purge:Anarchy.   Terrible, and a far cry from the surprising and creative original.