Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Royals Role

Time for the World Series.  It is possibly my favorite sporting event as nothing really is like post-season baseball.

With due apologies to the major TV networks, the sad reality is that they have to drag their cameras, announcers and crews and try to find Kansas City on a map. (It's in Missouri.)  And yes, you must broadcast the series, even if the Yankees are not in it.  Also, with apologies to the Giants and their fans, this World Series is all about the young Kansas City Royals.  They are charged with a feat far larger than winning 4 games in the next week.  Their role, is to save Major League Baseball - if only for a while.

Baseball has a few enemies starting with themselves.  No salary cap and the desire to proote only the major TV markets has made it an extreme unfair playing field for all other teams.  The sports media -Who insist on simply covering every aspect of the league as it pertains to the Yankees, Red Sox, and the..well.....Yankees and the Red Sox.   The new fan -  who has become a front runner.  Rooting for only teams that win.  Foregoing the home town team, because of their inability to compete.  And it's understandable, as all they know is that all the great players want to play in about 6 cities, none of them theirs, and getting huge money to do so.

I have always maintained that nothing can galvanize a city like a winning MLB team, and I stick by it. It's the every day of it, the drive to the playoffs and making a deep post season run.  Enter the Kansas City Royals.  No one is going to sit here and tell you these guys make minimum wage, of course they are making good money, but in a baseball sense they are not the Yankees by any means.  They are team that built themselves, with their own farm system, and added a few unnoticed pieces here and there pulling guys off the baseball scrap heap, making bold trades and doing frankly, what they had to do to survive.  The hope was to contend.  Instead, the Royals have now hypnotized a nation.  Winning this series will give the nation and the sport a much needed lift.

They have a ton of guys you've never heard of who play the game the right way.  They play 15 miles east of one of the great Mid-American cities we have that no one knows about on I-70.  They play in a facility that has been recently revamped, but seriously was LIGHT YEARS ahead of its time when built originally in the 1970's. They get zero credit, and deserve it all.  They were he precursor to every single new ball park (including our beautiful park) 20 years before Baltimore's Camden Yard which gets it all - and it's not accurate.  Kansas City built the first fantastic ball park 42 years ago! And BTW - it has hosted 73 MILLION fans since.

If the Royals can finish this off, not only will they capture the hearts of Americans, at least for a little while.  They can also give hope, real hope,  to the dozens of other MLB cities that think they will never have their say in the big show.  That the World Series is not only for the Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers, Dodgers, Giants and Cardinals.  Yes, the Royals climbed this mountain in 1985 with a world title, but it's different now by a mile.  There is a lot riding on this for the fans mind set for the immediate future and well being of the game. 

This is a team and an organization that once was mighty when the game was smaller. Then fell victim to the game and money growing out of control.  And just when the league and the media was hoping they would simply bow down, or go out of business, the Royals have scaled the summit again, and are on the precipice of restoring order to the baseball world that has tried everything to rid itself of such small market pests. 

The Royals role is of course to win this series, but it's really beyond baseball.  It's to win it for millions who feel that the world is sometimes a bit too big, and score one for the little guy.  And give hope to baseball fans and to to those not mesmerized by baseball, that good things can happen to good people who spend their lives doing things  - the right way. 

DVD - What's New Streaming October 22

This week, there are no real HUGE movies that are new to your home service or DVD counter, but there is something for everyone.

Keep in mind we only feature major motion picture releases here, and not TV series, games, or straight to DVD movies.  Where applicable, I will like you back to my original review from it's theater run to give you and idea what you are in for.

New This Week 

Sex Tape

Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal in this comedy that fell short of the hoped iconic status.  But this story line has more relevance now with all the hacking off The Cloud stories in the news lately.  Highly adult.

Earth To Echo

This is a Sci-Fi for tweens.  Good family movie that asks, are we alone?  Caution: hand held herky-jerky filmed.  Can be fatiguing.

The Purge: Anarchy

The original Purge was a big surprise hit released in the later winter last year. This is the sequel, and has given way to formula and lost it's surprisingly good story line of the original


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DVD - New Streaming and DVD October 14

This week, there is a nice array of new choices on your streaming service.  Blockbusters and small pics too. Something for everyone.

Keep in mind, we only feature major motion picture releases and not straight to DVD, TV series making their way to DVD, or games.  Where applicable, I will link you back to my original review from the movies original theater run to help you make an informed decisions before you invest your time or money.

New This Week

X-Men: Days Of Future Past

They keep making them, and we keep going. Some new and original wrinkles, but this is still dominated by Wolverine.  But they introduce Jennifer Lawrence here though.

Peabody And Sherman

Animated.  It makes no difference if you know or remember the of TV cartoon or not. This is pretty darn fun.


Washington thriller that takes us deep inside the federal government and it's not pretty. Limited theater run, could do well here. 


Saturday, October 11, 2014


An all-star cast has been assembled for one of the most anticipated dramas of the fall, with The Judge.

This is a great example of a movie that many people will like simply because of the actors in it. This stars Robert Downey Jr., Robert Duvall, Vera Farmiga, Billy Bob Thornton, Vincent D'Onofrio, Dax Shepard, and Leighton Meester.  A really nice mix of big stars, and young up and comers.  It is simply tragic that they were not given a better script to work with.

This is the story of Hank (Downey), and his father who is a 42 year judge  (Duvall)  in rural Indiana.  Hank is a high powered big city lawyer who has moved to Chicago and has never returned. His relationship with this father and family is amazingly bad.  Hank has to return home after his mother dies. While at home, his father is involved in a hit and run auto accident where a man is killed.  And the dead man is one of the judges worst mistakes the judge made 20 years ago in his courtroom.  There is hatred between the two.

The judge is arrested and is charged with first degree murder by a special prosecutor (Thornton) with the trial taking place in the judges small town.  Even though Hank and his father virtually hate one another, Hank ends up defending his father in court.  Will he beat the rap? And what will be the future of their relationship? 

Sadly, this is a two and half hour movie about this insanely dysfunctional family and not really about the trial as much as it should be.  There are so many side plots, and so many stabs at developing too many characters, this movie veers off course time after time.  This is also a very fatiguing movie, as it is constant family bickering and fighting.  The one word that kept creeping into my mind this whole movie was "unpleasant."  This is a drama for sure, and that's fine. But there is so much about this that is really unpleasant. And there are many moments this is not entertaining to watch.

In an effort to develop this family, they successfully make you like virtually no one.  Oh there is an attempt at the end to shine up this nickel, but it's far too late.  You have already seen say too much unpleasantness, and you have been there way too long.

Downey, as great as he can be is the weak link in this movie.  The character written for him, and his interpretation of it, is simply Tony Stark  (Iron Man) as a lawyer. And that is the kiss of death for this movie. This is a large role and he fumbles this around, and at times looks like he's bored and mailing it in.  It's not all his fault. Bad dialogue and a story that is mediocre doesn't help.  I felt this movie was going to be far more about the trial, and his battle with Billy Bob Thornton (who is great by the way in role that is far too small).  But instead we are limited to watching this horribly unlikable family sniping endlessly at each other.

The Judge.  This is a huge opportunity missed.  All these stars, all these Oscar winners and nominees in a script that is reminiscent of a bad evening soap from the 80's. 


After seeing the new thriller Gone Girl, no one may ever get married or have a relationship ever again. Forget all the slasher stuff, this is far scarier.

Gone Girl is based on a terrific book and is now a major motion picture with Ben Affleck, and Rosamund Pike.  And frankly, this is simply terrific.  Oh, there are a few stupid parts, and and a hole or two, but overall this 2 hour, 30 minute movie is suspenseful, well crafted and scary. And doesn't feel that long.

Meet Nick (Affleck) and Amy (Pike).  They are a young and beautiful marrieds couple living in Missouri.  They left New York when Nick's mom became ill, and she has now passed.   Nick is a writer, and Amy is a trust fund woman who also writes.  They have been married for a few years, when the marriage starts to have problems.  One day Nick comes home and finds the house a mess and Amy missing.

As time goes on, Nick now becomes the center of the police investigation, as Amy is now presumed dead.  Problem is, there is no body to even investigate for the crime.  As the circumstantial evidence and public opinion starts to mount against Nick, he hires nationally know defense lawyer, Tanner Bolt (Tyler Perry).  They start to go on the offensive to find out what really happened as Nick has maintained his innocence. But is he innocent?  And where is the body?  And who the heck is Amy really?  Because no one really seems to know.

First off, all three of our main stars here, have never been better in any movie, especially Perry.  All give command performances.  This story is so well woven, and so original that it really does keep you guessing till the very end.  This is told is flashback form for much of it, and that works very well too.  This movie has a nice look to it, as it is a bit melancholy, and suspenseful looking.  This also has a great supporting cast including Neil Patrick Harris (as you've never seen him), Sela Ward, and Carrie Coon (from Copley).  And all are terrific. 

Huge kudos to Tyler Perry.  He is simply great in this movie, as you've never seen him before.  Casting him was genius, as he can hopeully move in a different direction and maybe take of the Madea dress forever.  This movie is thoroughly modern as it shows how high profile cases in our world today as handled through the police, the media, social media, and the ever more powerful court of public opinion.  And the latter, is not always a good thing, in fact here is seldom is.

This is original, interesting and eye opening to say the least.  This is also flat out scary as it makes us all examine, who really are the people in out lives? Do we really know them, and how well?  This will not reew any faith in human decency in anyone, anywhere. This movie makes Fatal Attraction look like Captain Kangaroo,  and Sleeping With The enemy look like Romper Room.  NO one may ever get married ever again!

Gone Girl.   A hard rated R movie.  Very, very good.

MOVIE REVIEWN - Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

The new Disney movie Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is the quintessential modern family movie. And thankfully, it's not animated.

This will be short and sweet.  This book was written in 1974, and now it has been successfully updated and brought to the big screen.  This will be a hit.  In short, this is a story of a very nice family with four kids that have seen their share of troubles, only to run into a really bad day on virtually every front.  We need movies for all kinds of audiences, and this targets family viewing squarely  - and delivers.

This is a movie that will bring a smile to every family member you have no matter the age.  It is completely relevant and although taken to the extreme, this mirrors many families who are trying to stay afloat in today's world.  This is a comedy, and is fun most of the time. And in the end sends a good and positive message that all will be OK no matter what is going on.

This is overly chaotic at times, and is very busy for the most part.  One of the good decisions made is that this is a very tidy 84 minutes short. As much fun as it is, shorter here is certainly better.  This has been updated nicely, and shows us the challenges that kids, and parents face in today's world.  This also does not make the mistake of trying to make some kind of silly social statement, or promote some kind of hidden agenda. It is simply fun, and funny for families.

This stars Steve Carrell, and the newly and completely transformed Jennifer Garner.   I have developed a ton of respect for her.  As her life personal life has grown and matured, so has she as an actor.  She of course is married, and has a few kids. And has completely reinvented herself as an actor.  She has made a series of safe family movies, that are good for virtually everyone.  She looks comfortable in this new role. What she has done is virtually never done in Hollywood.  It would appear that she is choosing projects and roles very carefully, not putting herself in a bad position in relation to her real family.  This also has a well thought out supporting cast, and a fun story.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  A very good family movie, that isn't animated, and doesn't get in its own way. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

MOVIE REVIEW - Left Behind

When a movie is being made and formulated, it has to clear many steps along the way.  Somehow, the new, Left Behind made it past all roadblocks -  and clear thinking to make it to the big screen.

Seldom is a movie so amazingly amateurish at the box office, but this is.  It is staggering to me this didn't go right into the direct to video pile, or pay per view.  Left Behind, (this version) is simply atrocious.   This is based on the big book, a best seller nonetheless.  This review will have nothing to do with the obvious promoting religious agenda.  Frankly, there are plenty of movies every year that fit into that category and, many are pretty good. Clearly better than this!

This, as a movie...is just flat out bad.  It stars Nicolas Cage.  Brother, this is a long way from the Oscar stage, Moonstruck, The Rock, Con-Air, and countless other good, and entertaining movies he has starred in along the way.  Cage plays a passenger airline pilot whose family is going through terrible turmoil.  His wife played by Lea Thompson, has recently found God, as that alone has torn the family apart. The rest of the family doesn't buy into her thinking including her husband and college aged daughter.

Then, The Rapture actually happens, the children, and believers are suddenly gone in a blink of an eye to Heaven, sending the entire world into chaos and leaves millions looking for answers.  The pilot is in flight when this happens and the panic stricken aircraft is in trouble.  What will happen? And is this the actual end of days?

Clearly, for the subject matter this is not for everyone. But this will find an audience and that's fine. We need movies for all kinds of viewers.  But this...as a  movie... is simply putrid. The writing is abysmal, the dialogue is so terrible it borders on worst ever.  The actors are given no chance as this is written preachy, and insulting to all.  Our characters are incredibly stereotypical to the point of eye rolling, and all you look forward to is the one hour and forty-five minutes to be up.   I actually was hoping I had to go to the bathroom during this movie, just for a break.  This is movie making at its worst, plain and simple.  

The special effects are horrible, the story is silly, our stars are asked to do things on camera in the name of the story that I am sure they were insulted to do.  There are tons of holes in the story, and countless errors, including a flight attendant giving the pre-flight instructions to the passengers, by talking into the EARPIECE of the planes phone.  Don't get me started.

Left Behind.   Certainly going to be in line at the Razzie Awards in the coming months, as one of the years worst.  And deserved.