Friday, May 26, 2017


The much hyped Baywatch satirical movie is here with The Rock and Zac Efron.

This movie is getting ripped by critics, and here is a good example of a flick they will hate, and those who goes will like. Probably a lot.  This movie totally makes fun of every aspect of the long running TV show.  The plot lines, the filming, the whole concept of these lifeguards somehow turning into cops.  We all wondered that when the show was on, or were we simply giving it a pass because of the pretty people on it?

This movie spends the entire film making fun of itself, and what's not to like about that?  Yes, this is mindless fun.  Great?  No! Too long?  Yes!  And yes sometimes the "comedy" envelope was pushed a bit too far and the movie is not better for it.  I could have done without seeing a thing or two that happens here, but I dealt and you can too.

You do have to have some knowledge of the TV show to get all the jokes and situations, but if not, you can catch on pretty quickly.  The Rock is funny, I like him in roles like this, and the supporting cast is fine too.  Some nice action, and of course lots of pretty people.

 Baywatch.  Go, it's fun.  Leave your mind at home for a bit.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

MOVIE REVIEWS - In Theaters Now

Something for everyone, but only one will really matter this week and you know what it is.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

I loved the first installment of this series, and I like this one way more.  As far as comic book and superhero flicks are concerned, this series has the absolute right idea.  Chris Pratt leads a terrific cast again in this incredibly entertaining movie that people will totally fall in love with.  This is the best superhero flick series - period.

For my money, the very best comic book flicks are the ones that embrace the fun that comic books can be.  I love the ones that have a thread of humor that runs through not just certain moments, but throughout the entire movie.  So many of these become too dark, too serious and make it more difficult to enjoy them.  I also think that they can become more "offensive" (the only word I can come up with), where they invent villains that resemble so closely real life terrorists that are really no joke.  And then lead us to think that some flying, ray shooting, joke cracking superhero will show up and save us all.

This movie is funny, fun, action based, and all at the same time continues to develop its characters like few others really do.  Or try to do.  This is way out there fun, that understands that these movies should be entertaining

This will easily be one of the most entertaining movies of this year or any year.  Great performances, an interesting story, and Baby Groot??  C'mon!  Who wonderful is this.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.  Run to see this. Terrific!

How To Be A Latin Lover

We need a good comedy.  What a surprise hit, and what a fun flick.  This little movie is the story of a middle aged Mexican man, who used his good looks as a young man, to hook up with rich old women simply for the money.  And when his sugar mama of 25 years throws him out, he must find a new one, or just change his life.

This movie has a bunch of names you know. Salma Hayek, Rob Lowe, Raquel Welch, Kristin Bell, Linda Lavin, Micheal Cera, Rob Corddry and Eugenio Derbez who is terrific as Maximo, our Latin Lover wanna be again.  And Rapheal Alajandro is simply amazing as Maximo's young nephew.

Not all of this works, there are some moments that could have been rethought, and edited out, but this is overall pretty funny, and really fun.

Looking for a laugh, this will give it to you!

The Circle

What a disappointment.    This is a way better idea than movie.  This gigantic company that is sort of a mixture of Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Twitter thinks that they have the answer to all of our problems.  They think there should be virtually no privacy at all.  They also upon further review seem to be up to no good, possibly evil.

This script is really silly, and not even Tom Hanks and Emma Watson can save it.  There are tons of holes in this, general silliness, and some stupid stereotypes.  Plus, this makes young people look foolish by and large.  Even though one of them wakes up and saves the day.  (Not a spoiler, you'll see it coming, like everything else in this.)

This has a lousy script, marginal performances, and is among the most predictable movies you will ever see.  Should be noted, Bill Paxton has a small role, think this was his movie shot before his tragic death.

The Circle.  Not good.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Good Thought - Practice Your Passion

My dad died when I was 16.  He wasn't here long.  But he was here long enough to make say some things that have stuck with me forever.  

You know, the basics.  Be nice, treat women nicely, work hard, work before play.  Some of that didn't hit me till later, like what is going on every day in our lives now.  The Cavs and the Indians have me thinking a lot about him lately.   In short, my dad gave me the love of sports.  And that's an accurate sentence.  LOVE the SPORT.  Not in the winning and losing, but in the passion and the reflection sport can give us -  to life.    He flat out told me to "practice your passion."  And even though he never heard me say one word on the radio ever....I have done so in my professional life all these years.  Practiced my passion.

He once said I should learn to play golf.  He was a scratch player (par), I am not. So he taught me how to play, and how to understand the game.  He said I should learn it, as it is about the only game you can play your whole life long.  He was right, been playing my whole life and there's no end in sight for me.  I love the game, and if you love something, you respect it, and treat it right.  I play golf because of the game, and relationships the game forges and not my scores.  There are good scoring days and not good scoring days.  But I am always on the course with my best friends on earth.   Everyone should be so lucky.

The Tribe and the Cavs have me thinking now too.  I have been fans of them my entire life.  My dad was too as he took me to games all the time.  And it was always for the fun that we could get from the game.  It wasn't about winning and losing, it was about going to the game. And now that both of our favorite teams are having great runs, I am glad I have been a fan all these decades. 

He would love this winning!  But what he would really love, is that I still go to the games for all the same reasons I did during the down years.  That I go, buy a beer, a dog, and simply enjoy a day at the ball yard.   For no other reason that it was a fun thing to do.

Dad was right.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

MOVIE REVIEWS - In Theaters Now

This week, there are many choices at the movies, let's see what's up!

Free Fire

This very short, and strange little independent flick is 91 minutes of violence, fun, and flat out irony. I have never really seen a movie like it.

Set in 1978, it's the story of a few "gangs" if you will, who end up shooting up themselves and an abandoned building after an arms sale deal goes wrong.  This movie is essentially a bunch of people shooting at each other the entire time.  Who is going t make it out? 

As strange as this sounds and is, it is pretty good. They do develop the characters pretty well, in the midst of all of this gunfire, and it does keep you wondering who is going to make it out.  A solid cast, and an original idea make this work.

Not for everyone, but this will find a way.


This movie is gaining momentum and is really a feel good flick, and it's right on time with that.  Chris Evans (Captain America)  is quite good as a uncle raising a literal genius 7 year old little girl.  He is determined to raise her as a regular kid, when others want her to be raised differently.

He is terrific in this, as is the supporting cast.  This movie makes you feel - a lot. This is very good all the way around.  This movie also does not wear out it's welcome and ends right on time.  This little movie may get lost in the Spring Break shuffle, but this is worth a ticket for a date, or a family night out.

Well done - Very well done!


Simple here.  Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigl "star" in EASILY the worst movie of the year so far. 

And it may be tough to pass.   This is a putrid mess.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

MOVIE REVIEW - The Fate Of The Furious

This franchise keeps getting larger and larger.  This really does defy the odds.

This is number eight in this series, that was granted a 250 million dollar budget and is going to make it back ten times over.  This is no spoiler here, they are all here. All your favs and some new ones as this series is most definitely going to charge on well past this one.

This time Charlize Theron is our villain and she is terrific as the ruthless cyber bully that is bent on breaking up the family and recruiting Dom to her insanely evil side.  She is wonderful, and not overly dramatic.   She was perfectly cast. 

There is plenty of bang for your buck too. This is strewn with tons of well done action scenes. Some of them though do look like movies past, But nonetheless, there is lots to feast your eyes on.  Much of the action scenes too were filmed in downtown Cleveland and the city really is on display for you to see.  Although you are lead to believe it is New York City.

This is fun, well done and just flat out escapism, and in today's world we need some of that.   And to think this series was almost stopped after the third film.

Fate Of The Furious.  This is really fun and a long, long way from Tokyo Drift.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Silent Shoulder Chip

All is right with the world as baseball season is here at last.  I have been ready for the Tribe to begin since he final out of the amazing game 7 from last year.  And I am sure the Indians have been too.

The off season has been strewn with so much Cubs love, it's almost ridiculous.  I am a tolerant person by DNA, but even I have had enough.  According to the media, 2017 is simply a formality and the Cubs are again the champs.  ESPN has them going about 159-3 this year.  It's about that silly.  The Cubs were a great story from last year.  As a Tribe fan, I can absolutley relate to the long World Series win drought as well as anyone.  But being honest, the Cubs are good. But last year they were very, very fortunate and lucky, as well as good,  to win the title.

They were very lucky to win the National League and then to face the Tribe with tons of injuries to the games best pitching staff.  And they still almost blew it and let it get away.  But that's the inept history of a Cubs franchise that has been botching chance after chance with Yankee advantages for decades.

Being said, now that the Joe Buck/Fox Sports Kyle Schwarber smooching sessions on national TV is over (let's hope),  lets get down to  2017.  The Tribe should be good, and should be a contender to win it all.  They have the games best pitching staff, the best manager, and the most hungry of all fan bases.  My hope this year is that the Tribe stays healthy and stays focused.  My feeling is that they will.  Because as sick as you and I are of all the Cubs/Schwarber groping, my gut tells me the Indians are way more tired of it that anyone. 

I want the Tribe to be that exciting, fun team they were last year.  Fun to watch, easy to like and contending from day one.  But I also want them to play with a silent chip on their shoulders.  The one you won't see with anger, or a snarled lip.  But the one the just permeates their collective souls and drives them from within. The one that's healthy, and motivating.  The one that jams runs across the plate at a breakneck pace, and strikes out the opposition same.   The one where the game is fun for them, and not for the competition.  And the one where each team goal leads to the next one.  Where you win as much as you can, the right way, and show Joe Buck that he took the wrong date to the prom.

Can the Tribe end this long drought?  6 months will tell, but in the meantime enjoy what could be an amazing summer.  Focus on game one, then game two, and so on, all the while knowing the most important game the Indians play is the next one.  And then the one after that.  Us against the world? Maybe. 

But carry that silent shoulder chip, and know that this summer should be fun, should be memorable, and should ours.  It's our time now, it's our moment now.  The Cubs have assured that. 


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

MOVIE REVIEWS - In Theaters Now

Kind of a yawner this week at the movies, lets see what's out there for you!

Power Rangers

OK this is the latest toy or TV series come to life for the grown adults as much as their children. This ala Transformers and the like.  There is nothing new here.

This is loud.

This is Power Rangers.  Not a bad afternoon for you and the kids.  Get set, there will be more


There is bad, there is really bad, and then there is this.  How anyone can be enthralled by this is simply amazing.  This is Alien, reborn, and ripped off.  Plus, has there been a movie in the past few years as predictable as this?

Observation here. When you make space adventure and action thrillers that are set in the way distant future, you have more license.  When you make a modern day space movie with people on the International Space Station, you need to get it right.  Making the people on the station look like morons and stupid is simply bad movie making.  And that's what this does.  Also, real stories of space set in the contemporary world as FAR more compelling than terrible fiction like this. 

True stories feature characters you like and are pulling for.  This movie has neither. I hated these characters so much, I couldn't wait to see them meet a horrible end.  This is silly, insulting and you know from frame ten, what will happen in the final one.

Life -  Go see the new Alien this summer instead. Embarrassing.


Woody Harrelson stars in the latest Indy lick about a quirky, grumpy old man. This time it's Wilson.  This has some fun moments in it, as Woody gives it his best, as this smacks some of St. Vincent, About Schmidt, and As Good As It Gets.  But it's not nearly in the same class.

This is an original story to a degree, as Wilson is a upper middle aged guy, alone in the world, as the world has passed him by.  This does have a twist or two that are compelling, but sadly overall, this is just simply a way better idea than it was a produced movie.

Wilson - a select group will see it, and walk out wishing it has been better.