Tuesday, February 4, 2014

MOVIE REVIEW - That Awkward Moment

That Awkward Moment is new this week, and at first look it appears is could be a diamond in the rough.

TAM stars Zac Efron, and the very talented Miles Teller.  In a nutshell, this is a story of three young men who are wrestling between being "dudes" and men.   They are typical hormone raged guys in their late 20's who are finding that life continues to move on, even if their maturity level does not.

Jason (Efron) Daniel (Teller) and Mike (Michael B. Jordan) are three guys that have been friends since college. After Mike finds out his young wife is having an affair and wants a divorce, the three amigos decide that they will all stay out of relationships and just run around dogging chicks and living the single life.  Problem is, they all meet the women they didn't know they were looking for along the way.   Now the battle is on to see who can hold out the longest, and who will actually tell the others that they are in a relationship.  Sound a bit hollow?  It is.

This though is not a complete washout. There is an extremely accurate portrayal of young guys in today's world and their dating value system.  And much of the banter between these guys is pretty spot on.  These scenes, through crude, are the movies best.   Teller especially is a very funny young actor who is certainly destined for more creative projects as time moves along.

There is a story in there somewhere, but you have to wade through a whole lot of very crude language and subject matter to get to it.  That approach, though accurate, does get old.  The supporting cast is very good, with the wonderfully flawed Imogen Potts as Jason's love interest, and Mackenzie Davis is also very interesting to watch on screen.

But overall this maybe good idea, just doesn't have the punch it needs to make it really great.  The movie does not dare to be anything except crude and sophomoric at times and that's a shame.  There are some nice fresh faces on the screen here which is great, but tired writing doesn't have them saying or doing anything new.

That Awkward Moment.   Average at best.   

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