Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's Always Golf Season

All year long I've been writing about all of the great golf courses in the area that The Dewsweepers play every Sunday morning.  Although now that the weather is starting to change, golf is more challenging this time of the year.  I played three times in the last week, including 18 holes Monday (December 3) and even walked it with a pull cart.

My fellow Dewsweepers (Beef, Tex, and Joe Red) still play when we can, but it will be the spring when we again play every Sunday, and I'll write about it on Monday.  But we will play when possible, even in the winter.  We love golf, and we know you do too.  This summer we did have some younger Dewsweepers that filled in when someone could not make it.  Beef's son Dirk was one his nephew B-Roz was another , and Joe Red's son Bryan was also.  It was a pleasure to tee it up with them.

The other day I read something that amused me.  Bryan typed on social networking that on Thanksgiving weekend, he shot a really nice 79!  His best round of the year...way to go.  Then went onto say that this was the weekend he was putting his clubs away for the year.  - What?   I don't think I ever heard that sentence before.  I know I've never said it.  Put the clubs away... for the year?  

Oh, you might move the clubs to a new place, clean them up, and really clean out the bag or something.  But all veteran golfers know that you never really "put the clubs away."  Beef showed a real crafty veteran move by bringing his clubs inside, to clean them up and warm them up.  Good move.  Tex chimed in by bringing up that you may have to adjust your schedule, but the season goes on. Even Joe Red chuckled out loud at that foreign sentence, "Put the clubs away for the year." 

I think the unofficial Dewsweeper parameters are this.  50 degrees and over for the high, we can play.  40's and sunny for the high, we play.  Good rule of thumbs.

Man, with the clubs put away for the season, Bryan must have been drueling last weekend when the temps hit 65 in December.  Wonder if he caved?   I know I would have if I had made such a hasty decision to shelve the clubs into oblivion.   I played three times, I was dyin'.   It was so nice, I had to get out and tee it up with Tex and Beef.   Joe Red was out of state for work and he couldn't join us. But we did get profanity laced texts from him, cursing us as he was in upper Michigan where it was snowing as we were scoring low.  But, the veteran that Red is, he had his clubs with him... just in case.

Golfers know even here, it's always golf season.  We'll give Bryan a slight pass on this one and chalk it up to a youthful mistake and we'll see if he he follows the same protocol next season.   Also should be noted Bryan is a newlywed.   So there's that. But it's fun to pick on him for this.  See, that is what golf foursomes do, right?  The ribbing never stops, even in the semi-off season, and even if there's not much golf being played.

See you on the course soon.  Hope for 40's and sun!  The Veteran Dewsweepers don't even own a calender. 

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